Minneapolis Dishwasher Repair

  • Check power to the unit. Some have plugs under the sink and some have wall switches.
  • Unplug the unit for 2 minutes and plug it back in to reboot any circuit boards.
  • Make sure the hot water is turned on under the sink.
  • Make sure the unit is hooked up to a hot water line (we’ve seen them hooked up to cold water).
  • Make sure your water softener is working. The performance of a dishwasher degrades with harder water.
  • Some plumbers install flood–safe hoses — make sure those are allowing water to flow.
  • Record any error codes you see.
  • Newer units have filters in the base that need to be removed and cleaned out.
  • Still stumped?  Call your service heroes

Recent Dishwasher Repair Jobs and Surveys

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We serviced a
Model DW80R5061US/AA
Near Maple Grove, MN 55369
Job Details: 04/10/2024
Dishwasher leaked and gave the overflow error. They unplugged it and let it sit for a couple days and now it is totally dry by itself. The only evidence I saw of leaking looked like it wouldve come from underneath the seal going around the perimeter of the sump assembly. I used a special sealant around that and told them to give it 24 hours to totally cure.
We serviced a
Model SHP878ZD5N/01
Near Minneapolis, MN 55406
Job Details: 04/10/2024
"Customer is concerned that their dishwasher repeatedly stops running because of a water tap error code. The resistance of the DW motor windings measured at expected levels but a loose harness was found. Once the harness was secured, the DW operated like normal. We tested the machine and it is in good, working order. Reinstalled the DW"
We serviced a
Model 44256301
Near Minneapolis, MN 55413
Job Details: 04/10/2024
Customer is concerned with the F10 error code that appeared on the display screen. The drain pump was running on arrival and the error code was audible.700423 heater seal427450 pressure hoseOffice will need to research part and labor costs and reach out to the customer to go forward with repairs or not. ; saved tckt
We serviced a
Model KDFE104HBL0
Near St. Cloud, MN 56301
Job Details: 04/10/2024
"Customer states the unit is not draining.Vacuumed out the drain, removed the pump and found debris is the pump. Cycled and tested found the lower spray arm not working, the pump is runing, customer approved replacement of the deverter motor ; ordrd 1 W10537869 (Diverter motor)"
We serviced a
Model LDF5545ST
Near Otsego, MN 55330
Job Details: 04/10/2024
Customers complaint as making a loud winding noise during operation. Verified complaint found that the motor itself is going out. This has a 10 year warranty on direct drive motor. Quoted customer for motor assembly and labor. He said hes gonna see if he can get LG to cover the motor and let us know.; eml tckt failed
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Referred for warranty repair on dishwasher. They responded promptly and worked to get issue covered for us. Repair work was performed promptly. Excellent customer service.
Overall Experience
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Brandon got to my appointment early and completed my repair quickly. I am very happy with the service provided.
Overall Experience
Saint Paul, Minnesota
We had an issue with our dishwasher which was fixed quickly and successfully. Scheduling was easy and the service was professional. I would definitely use Omega Force again.
Overall Experience
Leaky soap
Minneapolis, Minnesota
After coming out twice, my issue is still not fixed and now I have to wait 4 more days to get a follow-up service call.
Dear Ross, We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. We are doing our best this week but it's been a tough Monday. One of our technicians was in the ER last night with his kid and is unexpectedly not working today. Another technician's wife went into labor and he is now off for the next 2 weeks. Another technician has had a Disney World vacation planned for a long time with his family and is missing this whole week. We are doing our best to get everyone taken care of but are unfortunately backed up. We have added your job to the list to expedite if we have a cancellation. We will certainly give you a call if something opens up.
Overall Experience
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Great service from start to finish!
Overall Experience