Now hiring exceptional appliance repair service technicians!
Earn over $100,000, with overtime.


  • You must be fanatical about working with integrity. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, and treating people with respect, always.
  • You must know how to work hard. To be a hero you go the extra mile, do what must be done.
  • You must take pride in your work. We strive to make the world a better place, one appliance at a time.
  • You must not be afraid to fail. There’s no glory unless you take the leap. Learn from it, then leap again.
  • You must be willing to work 50+ hours a week during the busy times of year. Heroes step up when the fridge hits the fan.
  • You must be able to lift 75 pounds. You just do. We’re carrying microwaves and stuff.
  • You must know how to laugh and have fun. Life’s short. Let’s enjoy it.
  • You must be extremely independent and enjoy working by yourself. It’s a hero’s life, you know.
  • You must pass an insurance assessment for driving a company vehicle. Despite what the kids think, hero-mobiles don't have force fields.
  • You must pass a drug test. Friends don’t let friends… well, you know the drill (see requirement #1)
  • You must pass a background check. Because whether you like it or not, you’re a role model to all our Service Hero fans out there.
  • You need a minimum of 2 years of professional, full-time appliance repair service experience. The Service Hero team is the big-leagues, my friend.
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