Get started with a

Appliance Video Diagnostic

It’s like a magic superhero hotline, but you know, for appliances.

Knowledge is power. And yup, with us, it’s only $39.  If we repair your machine, we waive the $39 charge.

Meet your experienced Service Hero technician in a live video chat, show him your problem, and take the first easy step toward restoring order to your appliance world.

Launching your Video Diagnostic is super SIMPLE:

Contact us, and our experienced diagnostic technician will send a link directly to your phone

Click the link to automatically launch the live video diagnosis tool – no app required! Agree to the terms and conditions and you’re ready to start!

The Service Hero technician will walk you through a step-by-step check of your machine, using the live video and onscreen tools to see and hear what’s happening with your appliance*

If in-home service is necessary to complete the repair, we’ll schedule the service call right on the video chat.

And if parts are needed, we’ll order those right away too, so the parts arrive in time for your service call.

Relax, your appliance world will soon be set right!


See what your neighbors are saying about Omega Force Appliance Repair’s Video Diagnostic service.

Even though I decided not to repair my refrigerator, these guys were Fantastic! My Fridge went down two days before Thanksgiving and I needed either a new one or have it fixed. When I called, the customer service representative, she set up a "Virtual" visit for the next day. It was a great experience. The technician who called was professional and diagnosed the problem through our "Virtual Visit". He explained all my options and quoted me a price to repair during the call. I decided not to have him repair it, but if I had, I'm guessing it would have been great. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks for the great job!
Larry from Rogers
Super easy and quick virtual diagnostic appointment with a Master Technician. Next day on Site appointment resolved our issue with our stove just in time for Thanksgiving.
Gary from Eden Prairie
I was able to do a video diagnostic call with Jared. He called right on time, and the video call worked super well. He listened to my explanation of the issue, and then I was able to show him the corroded chunks of metal and where they were coming out of. We unfortunately had a problem that was going to be a little too extensive to repair, so I didn't get a chance to see their work, but I appreciated Jared's knowledge about what was wrong, and his honesty about the complexity/value of trying to repair it.  Will definitely call them again.
Katherine B.


Before Your Appointment:

Set a calendar reminder so you don’t miss it. Set aside 30 minutes for the video call.

Make sure your smartphone is charged and you have a good internet connection.

Clear the area around the appliance (if it’s a dishwasher, it’s a good idea to empty it).

Have a flashlight handy (not the one on your phone) to help us see into those dark and scary places.



  • Are there any “hidden” costs for a video diagnosis?
    Nope! The Omega Force Video Diagnostic is only $39 and that charge is waived if we repair the machine.
  • Do I have to download anything on my smartphone?
    Nope! The video diagnostic tool works through your internet browser without any downloads or installation. It’s simple to use, and your personal data is protected throughout the video diagnosis.
  • Won’t a technician have to come out anyway?
    Maybe not. Conducting a video diagnosis as the first step in your service experience allows the technician to see the problem prior to the visit. If no repair visited is needed, he’ll say so. But it we need to come to your home to complete the repair, your Service Hero will be better prepared to complete your repair more quickly when he arrives.
*Your privacy and information is protected at all times, and you have control. The diagnostic technician may take screen shots to document the problem and help your Service Hero prepare for the service call, but we only see where you point the camera, and you may easily turn your camera off at any time.