Wall Oven Washer Repair

  • Make sure the gas valve behind the unit and the gas valve by the furnace are turned on.
  • Unplug the unit for 2 minutes and plug it back in to reboot any circuit boards.
  • Don’t run cleaning cycles before big cooking events, they cause problems (the cleaning, not the event — well, those too).
  • Turn the breaker off, and then back on, to verify it’s not tripped.
  • Record any error codes you see.
  • Still stumped?  Call your service heroes

Recent Oven Repair Jobs and Surveys

Omega Force Appliance Repair Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 37 customer reviews

We serviced a
Model 79040613801
Near Saint Paul, MN 55116
Job Details: 02/22/2024
"Oven got extremely hot and burned parchment paper. Theyve gotten an error a couple times but not sure what error it was. I pulled out oven and took ohm reading on sensor. Ohmed at 1.105 k ohms, which is 75 degrees which is the temp inside. I then reinstalled oven and ran it on a 350 bake, and it preheated and averaged 350.
We serviced a
Model WOC95EC0AS
Near Victoria, MN 55386
Job Details: 02/22/2024
"Customer complaint is making sparks inside microwave. Removed wave guide cover then ran unit multiple times in South sparking looks like its just the wave guide has a little chunk of metal on it and sparking. Customer is wondering if he could just get the part and install it himself because its only two screws. I explained that is fine. Also explained if it ends up coming back or sparking again will need a magnetron. And if were replacing it, we can inspect the cavity itself to make sure it is repairable. Please order part and get with the customer to send it to his house. W10915651 wave cover; saved tckt"
We serviced a
Model Jkp90dp1ww
Near Elk River, MN 55330
Job Details: 02/21/2024
Installed new oven control board and tested. Oven is working great. Oven is now fixed."
We serviced a
Model DTO230S
Near Minneapolis, MN 55439
Job Details: 02/21/2024
Pulled relay board and Dana will send me paperwork to ship out.; saved tckt
We serviced a
Model WW30430P
Near Otsego, MN 55330
Job Details: 02/20/2024
"Customer complaint is, NOT WORKING. Theres no model and serial tag, but I found a sticker that has the model number on it on the top. Customer said the top oven broil element was stuck on and wouldnt go off unless they turned the breaker off. Inspected and tested. Found the transformer on the relay board is fried. I pulled board and sent in to be remanufactured. I installed remanufactured board and tested. Oven is working great. Oven is now fixed."
Buffalo, Minnesota
Very polite on time and pleasant. Fixed appliance in orderly fashion. Would recommend to everyone. Great service.
Overall Experience
Elk River, Minnesota
Matt was courteous and efficient! He assessed our situation and was able to give us a resolution to our issue. Thank you Matt!
Overall Experience
Cindy Koubsky
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Brandon did an excellent job diagnosing our problem and fixing the oven. He was very pleasant to have. I highly recommend your company’s service.
Overall Experience
Rick B
Clear Lake, Minnesota
Brandon provided excellent service and completed the job efficiently and explained the issues with my oven. Will use this company again and will recommend to my friends and family.
Overall Experience
Lewis (Skip) Messenger
Wayzata, Minnesota
I have clicked 5 stars because I felt his work was fine and what happened after he left was probably a failure in the technical area. The light in our microwave worked fine for about maybe 20 minutes but before I had completed cooking a small dish when I put it back in, the light just no longer came on inside. I had been quite careful and the door sprin mechanism he had installed has continued to function perfectly. There were no jolts opening or closing the door and I was using my normal Pyrex dish to cook in. I just wonder if the installed light itself may have need faulty somehow. But I am by no means knowledgeable about this. All I can say is I had thought that Adam seemed to have performed very professionally while working on our unit. I hope this helps.
Overall Experience