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We serviced a
Model HMC80242UC/05
Near Bethel, MN 55005
Job Details: 05/16/2024
Bosch Wall Over Repair. Monitor switch stuck closed due to latch body failure, stuck switch caused breaker to trip when unit powered on. Replaced switches and latch body with service kit. Tested unit now operating within spec.
We serviced a
Model RFG298AARS
Near Bethel, MN 55005
Job Details: 05/22/2023
"Customer complaint is, CONTROL BEEPS RANDOMLY. Customer said the display hasnt been responding all the time for a couple years and now for the past 6-12 months its been beeping none stop unless the child locks is on. Now they cant get the child lock off. Inspected and tested. Freezer was 2F and FF was 39F. The child lock is on on the display and I cant get it off to do anymore testing. We would need to replace the UI display to do further testing. Customer declined repairs for now and is going to look into their options."
Bethel, Minnesota
Technician was awesome. Never found out what the problem was with our fridge.
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