What’s Wrong with Your Stove? Top Five Most Common Stove Problems

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June 19, 2024

It’s funny how some of the most important things in your life you don’t give much thought to unless they aren’t working properly. Home appliances fall under this category. How often do you think about your refrigerator, washer and dryer, or microwave until they aren’t working the way they should? If you said anything other than, “not a whole lot,” you’re probably not being honest.

All joking aside, having one of your home appliances stop working properly is a stressful spot to be in, but the team here at Omega Force Appliance Repair can help.

Top Five Stove Issues

At Omega Force Appliance Repair, we offer reasonably priced, expert appliance repair services in your area. We also strive to help our customers understand what’s going on and what to look for when it comes to potential issues with your appliances. That’s why we are writing this series about the most common issues you may encounter with your home appliances. Today, we are focusing on the top five stove issues.

  • Gas Burners Won’t Ignite: This is a common problem with gas stoves. Debris, food, grease, oil, and all matter of stuff fall down by the burners while cooking. All of those substances can block the gas flow to the igniter of your gas burner. Clean your burners of all residue and debris and see if they start to light up. If the problem persists, you may need a new igniter. Call Omega Force today and get one of our expert technicians out to get your gas burning firing up like it should fast. 
Homeowner cleaning the igniter for her gas cooktop.
  • Electric Stove Top Elements Not Heating: For those that have an electric stove, the burner elements not heating up is a common issue. Before calling a technician out, here are a few things to look for. First, check and make sure the element is fully inserted into the socket. Sometimes when you take them out to clean the stove top they don’t get reinserted fully into the socket and that causes the electricity to not circulate properly. If that doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker. If the problem persists, it could be a burnt-out element or a faulty switch, and our experts can fix it quickly.
  • Cracked Glass Stove Top: A cracked glass stove top can quickly put a damper on any cooking plans you might have. There are a couple of reasons you may have a cracked glass cooktop. The first… you accidentally dropped something onto the stove top. This happens all the time and is super common. Another reason you might crack your stove top is due to thermal shock. This is where you set a hot pan or pot onto the cool glass cooktop. The sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to crack. This might be a manufacturer defect and you should look into exercising your warranty. If your cooktop is not under warranty, and you need a new one, just call us here at Omega Force Appliance Repair. We will get you fixed and ready to start cooking. 
Appliance Repair Technician testing and installing a glass cooktop.
  • Oven Doesn’t Heat Up Correctly: This is one we see quite a bit of. There are a few reasons why your oven may not be heating up correctly. The first one is the heating element may need to be replaced. Over time they can wear out, and when they go so does your ability to cook anything in your oven. Another issue may be that you need a new ignitor, or you may be having a thermostat issue. Either way, our expert technicians can diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring your oven heats up correctly. 
  • Knobs & Dials Won’t Stay On: If your knobs and dials keep coming off simply tighten the set screw for them. This screw is what puts pressure on the metal shaft that the knobs are attached to. This simple fix can get your stove back to working order quickly without needing a technician.
Fully functioning gas cooktop, with all burners ignited.

Let Omega Force Appliance Repair Fix Your Stove

Whether your stove is experiencing one of the five problems we listed above, or something different, Omega Force Appliance Repair can help. Our team of expert technicians can diagnose your stove issue fast and get your stove repair done right the first time. We service all brands of stoves, including Samsung, Bosch, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, and many more. Trust your home appliance repairs to Omega Force. Call our office today at (763) 390-6267 or use our online scheduler to set up your service call.

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