Appliance Repair Mayhew Lake Township Minnesota

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We serviced a
Model MHE14XMQ4
Near Mayhew Lake Township, MN 56379
Job Details: 10/24/2022
I replaced the vent grid assembly and cleaned a little bit. There are microwaves now fixed.
We serviced a
Model 665.13812K600
Near Mayhew Lake Township, MN 56379
Job Details: 09/28/2022
Dishwasher was filling with water so they stopped using it. Upon arrival and inspection I found that the plumbing was installed improperly and the dishwasher drained directly into the subfloor in a 1 1/2 inch pipe. I filled it and drained it five times and it drains flawlessly. I spoke with the customer and she has had pipe draining issues from that leg of her plumbing about the time the dishwasher was being backed up into. I explained how her plumbing system works and that her dishwasher is the lowest point on her main floor on that side of her house for plumbing. Its likely that it was just packing up due to a blockage that was cleared by her plumber. No additional charges.
Mayhew Lake Township, Minnesota
Seth came out to my home recently to fix my dishwasher and microwave. He very friendly and professional both times! You can tell he really loves his job!
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