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Near Columbia Heights, MN 55421
Job Details: 07/07/2022
"Pilot light was out. Cleaned off the orfice and relit the pilot light. Also tested bake and it ignites great. Customer said that the unit was sitting here unused for 5 or 6 years, and they just moved in a few weeks ago. 60 year old wall oven. They said it was warm, when it wasnt in use. Explained that the pilot light will warm it up. They said it smelled like gas but I was unable to confirm a gas smell at all. ; (serial indicated as 'NotAvailable' so system created UIS w/pseudo #)"
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Model ET20NKXDN00
Near Columbia Heights, MN 55421
Job Details: 05/17/2022
The customers were concerned that the freezer temperature was getting up in the 20s at times. As advised a customer it was probably happening during the defrost and theres nothing to worry about. I did find that the freezer door was not sealing tight all the way and that was letting moisture into the freezer. I adjusted the freezer door hinges so the door does not rub and shuts better and I put some grease on the freezer door gasket.