When you visit the grocery or department store to pick out laundry detergent, there is frequently a whole aisle to choose from. Most of us don’t read any of the packaging because, quite frankly, we have other things to do in our lives, like cook dinner and read bedtime stories to the kids. Hence, you probably just pick one up, glance at the label, and inwardly think that this one will suffice. But does the particular type of laundry detergent even matter? After all, you just spend lots of money on a top-of-the-line washer and dryer. Soap is soap, right?

Omega Force Appliance Repair is the best appliance repair company in the Twin Cities. We offer appliance repair on all of your major (and sometimes minor) household items, including your washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, range, oven, dishwasher, and cooktop. Our expert technicians (we call them heroes) will have your appliance diagnosed and repaired quickly, so you can get on with washing clothes and cooking meals. Continue reading to discover more about laundry detergents, and then call us for your next appliance repair!

Types of Laundry Detergent

  • Liquid laundry detergent. Liquid laundry detergent is obviously liquid and is great on food spills since it can act as a stain pretreatment as well. Since it’s liquid, it does well with cold water settings since the powder has a hard time mixing properly in colder temperatures. One problem that people have with liquid laundry detergent is using too much detergent since it pours so easily.
  • Powder detergent. Powder detergent is in the powder form and is great at removing all kinds of general stains. Powder detergent is cheaper than liquid detergent and should be placed on the bottom of the machine before your clothes to ensure it dissolves properly.
  • Single-dose form detergent. This laundry detergent comes in convenient use packs that are pre-measured for your wash cycle. However, they are also the most labor-intensive in terms of packaging, and hence, the most expensive in general of all the laundry detergents. Furthermore, it may take the use of more than one detergent pack if your clothes are heavily soiled, which doubles the cost of these guys. Omega Force Appliance Repair warns that homes with small children also should be cautious when selecting these guys since they can be mistaken for pre-packaged candy.

Should You Choose by Price?

In the case of laundry detergent, price is not a differentiating factor. In fact, the cheaper laundry detergents are often the better ones to choose from. A quick glance at the ingredient list (we know, you may have to actually pause in the laundry detergent aisle) can help you choose. The good ingredients to look for include:

  • Surfactants that remove dirt from the fabric
  • Enzymes that remove stains

That being said, the more expensive laundry detergents tend to have more of these types of ingredients. That being said, the expensive types are best at heavy duty stains and the discount detergents are great at removing everyday soils and dirt. Omega Force Appliance Repair in Twin Cities recommends you could combine two while washing to suit your needs and cut your costs.

Other Types of Laundry Detergents

  • Laundry detergent plus fabric softener. This type of laundry detergent is extremely popular for busy families because it eliminates one step in your already busy routine. Some offer bleach as well.
  • High-efficiency laundry detergent for high-efficiency washers. These types of detergents are usually marked with a HE for high-efficiency. In fact, if you have an HE washer, Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities recommends you only use HE laundry detergent. These make less suds and are easier for HE machines to wash out the soap.
  • Fragrance-free laundry detergent. Many laundry detergents are loaded with chemicals to make your clothes smell fresh and clean. While these definitely make you smell fresh and clean, they may not be the best if you have allergies since these can irritate your skin. You should avoid anything with added fragrance if you do suffer from allergies. If you have a newborn, you should choose fragrance-free as well since newborns’ skin is highly sensitive to the environment having never been exposed to it before.
  • Specialty laundry detergents. There are other specialty laundry detergents as well, such as those designed for hand-washing items and those designed specifically for colored items. These are worth investigating if you will use them frequently.


Ultimately, like the color of your new car, choosing a laundry detergent should be determined by what’s right for you. In fact, you may take a look at the cons of some in order to make your final decision. After all, soap is soap, and while some laundry detergents will work better than others, they will all suffice to clean your clothes. Think of it this way: it’s better than the old washer-boards of yesteryears!

Some questions to consider when choosing your laundry detergent:

  • Do you want a small container that stores easily?
  • Do you want to deal with the hassle of dripping liquid detergent?
  • Do you want to just grab and go a single-dose laundry detergent?
  • Do you want a combination of laundry detergent and fabric softener?
  • Do you just want the cheapest?


Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities has one mission: to make your life easier though fixing the machines that make your life easier. We have all come to rely on our household appliances to do our dirty work (sometimes literally) for us, so when one goes down, a crisis can quickly ensue. After all, no one likes not having a microwave to heat your coffee, or popcorn on movie night. And no one likes having to go to the laundry mat when all you need washed are a handful of items. If you are struggling with an unruly appliance, call us today for all your appliance repair needs!