Looking at the front of your washer, you’ll notice a lot of dials and buttons to choose from when starting a load of laundry. Don’t be discouraged by the number of options you have, though, because Omega Force Services is here to help you select the best washer setting for each load of laundry you have to clean!

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Choosing A Load Size

When choosing a setting for the load size on your washing machine, it’s important to select the correct one so that the basin fills with enough water to soak and wash all of your clothes.

When you add clothes and the basin is only a quarter full, choose the small load setting.

If it’s halfway full, choose the medium setting.

If the basin is more than halfway full, select the large setting.

If your washer has a super-load setting, you can fill the basin to the top with clothing. Otherwise, overfilling the washer can cause the basin to be thrown off balance and make a lot of noise.

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Picking A Water Temperature

The temperature of water you should choose depends on the color of clothing you’re washing, the material of the clothing, and the soil level.

Cold water is best for dark or black colors, ideal for more delicate fabrics, and best for only lightly soiled items.

Warm water can be used for lighter colored clothing, on items made from synthetic materials, and on more soiled items.

Hot water is best for whites, cotton material, and is ideal for items that stay in close contact with the body — like socks, undergarments, bed sheets, and towels.

Selecting A Cycle Type

When selecting a cycle, choose the type that is closest matches the majority material that you are washing.

The hand wash or delicate setting is best for materials that are more fragile. This includes lingerie, lace, silk, and wool.

Permanent press is better for synthetic and blended materials, and colored clothing.

Normal wash is best for cotton or blended fabric with average levels of soil.

The heavy duty setting is best for heavier materials like jeans, towels, and thick sweatshirts. This is also a good setting for items that are heavily soiled.

If your washer has a bulky setting, use this for blankets, comforters, rugs, and pillows.

Wash Away

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to wash every load of laundry on the perfect setting. Some washers have additional settings, like soil level and spin speed, that are fairly self-explanatory. Just remember that lower speeds are ideal for delicate fabrics, while faster speeds remove water faster and reduce drying time later.

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