No one really likes doing the laundry. It’s time consuming; it’s annoying; it’s downright painful at times. However, the laundry is as much a part of life as bathing — it’s something you have to do regularly in order to function in this world.

In your quest to speed up this mind-numbing task of doing your laundry, you are probably making some major mistakes that could lead to washer and dryer repair needs down the road. Omega Force Services, the best appliance repair company in the Twin Cities, will point out common laundering mistakes you may be making, so you can avoid them in the future and avoid a visit from us, your washer and dryer repair service (although we like to see you — just under different circumstances than a broken washer and dryer). Contact us today!


  • Overloading your washer. In our energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious society, we look everywhere to places to use less energy and fewer resources in order to leave as little impact on our environment as possible. While this mindset is great to have, sometimes this mindset can lead us to mistakes, such as overloading your washer. When you overload your washer, you are actually being less efficient. Your clothes don’t have the room they need to move around in your washing tub, leading to dirt and grime not being washed out, which yields dirty clothes still. This means you have to re-wash what you just washed, which is actually wasting more resources than before. Moreover, you could be setting yourself up for a washer repair service when you overload your washer. Omega Force Services, the best appliance repair company in the Twin Cities, recommends that you fill your washer no more than three-quarters full for optimal washing efficiency and prudent use of resources.

  • Not using the washer settings correctly. Did you know that the buttons on your washing machine are there for a reason? Many people set their washer settings and never change them, using the same settings no matter what they are washing, from dirty coveralls to delicate silk items. This can yield clothes that don’t come out clean because they need a higher water temperature for example, and this can yield clothes that are ruined because they needed a delicate cycle but were washed instead on too high of a spin mode. Omega Force Services in the Twin Cities recommends you check the labels on all of your clothing before washing, as well as learn what the appropriate washer settings are for all the types of your clothes.
  • Not cleaning the inside of your washer. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your washing machine tub, then you need to do this as soon as possible. Many people think that because you are using water and laundry detergent and cleaning clothes, that the tub stays in pristine shape. This is wrong, which if you took the time to look into your tub after a particularly dirty load, you’d probably see dirt and grime along the sides of your washer tub. Omega Force Services, a top rated appliance repair company, recommends you clean out the tub of your washer when you notice it’s dirty, it has a funky smell, or once every six months for maintenance purposes. There are two ways to clean out your washer tub. First, you can run a cleaning cycle on your washer if it has one, and then run an empty load on hot to make sure all the dirt and grime is rinsed off. Or, you can use white vinegar and a sponge and wipe it out the old fashioned way, using elbow grease instead. The vinegar will remove any lingering bacteria and mildew that may be causing nasty odors.

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