Like every other machine in the world, refrigerators require regular maintenance in order to operate properly. Sometimes this maintenance can be as easy as changing a filter, but every now and then there’s a bigger problem at hand that you may need to call in your local Twin Cities service heros to fix. In today’s blog, Omega Force Services, the best refrigerator repair company in Twin Cities, will go over some of the more common refrigerator repairs you may come face to face with at some point during the life of your refrigerator. So, without further delay, let’s get into the most common problems associated with refrigerators.

Ice Maker Malfunction

First on our list is the ice maker. Something you may use everyday, eventually your ice maker may up and decide that it doesn’t want to work anymore. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why it isn’t working anymore, but the good news is that most of them are quick fix you can do with a single stop to your local hardware store. If your fridge was installed recently, pull it out a bit and inspect the water hose as it may be blocked or have a kink in it. If your fridge has been around awhile, then you may want to inspect the motor, which could have simply seized up, or the water inlet valve, which may just have a clog in it (just be sure to shut the valve off first before inspecting it or you may have a cartoon like leak in the middle of your kitchen). If you don’t know your ice maker motor from your water inlet valve though, call your local refrigerator repair company to inspect if for you.

Unexplainable Noisesassorted-type photos stick on white single-door refrigerator

Is your refrigerator making weird noises? It’s probably haunted, good luck. In the event it isn’t haunted, there may be a rational explanation to why your fridge is making those odd sounds. First, pinpoint where the noise is coming from, such as the ice machine, bottom of the fridge, back of the fridge, etc. Once you locate the source of your noise, you can then diagnose the problem. For instance, if your ice machine is making a noise, there may be something wrong with the ice making mechanism or motor. If your electronic control board, which is usually located in the control panel that houses the light switch and temperature control dial, is on the fritz though, chances are you’ll need to replace it.

Not Dispensing Water/Ice

Sometimes your fridge may refuse to dispense water or ice. Instead of hitting it with a bat, check the water filter. Over time, your water filter will need to be changed, and if you don’t do it regularly, it may become clogged which won’t allow water to run through it very easily. This will affect both your water dispenser and ice maker. Another culprit may be your water valve, which, like your filter, may clog over time and will need to be replaced so you can get that crisp, clean, H2O.

If you’re looking for expert refrigerator repair in Twin Cities, then the service hero technicians at Omega Force Services are ready to help you. Learn more about Omega Force Services, see what other services we can offer you, or contact Omega Force today to answer any questions