Your cooktop is one of the most underrated appliance components in your kitchen. As part of your stove, it oftentimes gets lumped in with it, and it is often overlooked for the job it does day in and day out, frying your eggs in the morning, heating up a cheese sandwich for lunch, and boiling noodles for shrimp alfredo at night. When something goes wrong, it’s always the oven, again taking away the lonely cooktop’s much needed attention. Until the day dawns when you’re cooktop has had enough and decides to demand your attention by not working.

Luckily, Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities has years of experience of wrangling your uncooperative, pouting cooktop back into a good mood again. Our certified appliance hero technicians are experts at determining where your cooktop has decided to malfunction. We’ll diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently and be on our way, leaving your cooktop happy and healthy once again. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to care for your cooktop so it won’t quit on you. Contact us today for all your home appliance repair needs!


Cooktops are made out of different elements, from a coil element type to smooth top electric cooktops. Different kinds of cooktops can offer up different kinds of care challenges. Below, these tips can apply to any material of cooktops unless otherwise stated.

  • Keep up with basic cleaning. It can be incredibly easy to start a meal, forget to turn down the heat, and then the water overflows. Because the cooktop is hot, you just leave it to clean once it has cooled down. However, you get busy with your kids and forget. The next morning, you’re running late so you cook on the cooktop despite it being still dirty, which is not a good thing. Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities recommends that you do your best to clean up spills before you cook on the cooktop again. This will not only prolong the longevity of your cooktop, but it will keep it looking nicer longer and make it easier to clean up rather than having to scrub up cooked food.
  • Make sure the bottom of your pots and pans are clean. This tip speaks to the tip above. When you cook with clean items, it stands to reason that the items you are cooking on (in this case, your cooktop) will remain clean as well. Furthermore, grease on the bottom of pots and pans can leave ugly aluminum rings or marks on your cooktop that are extremely hard to remove once baked on. Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities recommends that you check the bottom of your pots and pans before cooking with them.
  • Avoid using your cooktop as a counter space. Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities notes that this one of the major reasons your cooktop may be throwing a hissy fit. When you get in the habit of placing utensils, plates, cups, seasonings, and even trash on your cooktop, odds are, you will end up burning one of them at some point. This can both harm the item you placed on your cooktop and your cooktop as well. Some items can leave burn marks on the cooktop, depending on the material it is made out of, and it could melt entirely, creating a mess no one wants to deal with. One final warning: you could start a fire as well, say, for instance, if you left paper towels on your cooktop.

  • Never stand on top of your cooktop. This is another big no-no that your countertop would scream at you for doing. Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities emphasizes that your cooktop is not a stepping stool. You don’t want to put anything heavy on your cooktop, and if your cooktop is hot, you could end up breaking it completely.
  • Don’t drag pots and pans over your countertop. Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities recommends picking up your cookware and placing it gently on your cooktop. Your cooktop likes to be treated right, and when you drag around pots and pans, you put your cooktop at risk for injury via a scratch that may not heal.
  • Be careful with cast iron. Cast iron cookware is a great cookware to cook with because it cooks your food evenly, they last a long time, and they are easy to clean. However, Omega Force Appliance Repair warns that cast iron cookware should not be used on a smooth top cooktop. This is because any small movement can scratch the surface of your cooktop and leave unsightly scratches because the bottoms of the cast iron are rough. This holds true for any ceramic, stoneware, or other rough-bottomed material.
  • Be gentle with cleaners. Some of the metal pads that are available to scour pots can scratch your cooktop. Choose soft materials instead.
  • Avoid sugar. While this is good advice all around, the reason Omega Force Appliance Services is offering up health advice is because when you spill sugary substances on your cooktops, it can leave yellow stains that are virtually impossible to remove. If your cooktop is dark in color, you’re probably ok. If you have light colored cooktops, be sure to clean up spills right away.

Most of us love our cooktops, as they make our lives infinitely easier by cooking up delicious delectables quickly. But like kids, they need to be shown our love in order to function properly.


When your cooktop or any other appliance in your home decides it needs some attention, give Omega Force Appliance Repair in the Twin Cities a call. It could be a quick fix for your cooktop, or it could be something major. Whatever the problem, our expert hero appliance technicians can diagnose and treat the problem quickly so you can get back to cooking. We also specialize in washer and dryer repair, refrigerator repair, and dishwasher repair. Give us a call today!