Have you ever opened up your dishwasher to put your freshly cleaned dishes away, only to discover your plates are still crusty and your glasses have white film and spots all over them? This residue is not only annoying and makes you want to rewash everything, but it could be a sign that your dishwasher isn’t working the way that it should. This residue could simply be that the water in your house is too hard or it’s left over from your detergent.  However, if you try all of the following suggestions and you’re still having issues getting your dishes as sparkly clean as you’d like, it might be time to call an appliance repair service. Omega Force Appliance Repair offers repair services for a variety of home appliances, and works with care and diligence to make sure your dishwasher is working like it should.

Hard Water

Twin Cities’ main water source is the Mississippi River. It naturally contains moderate levels of hard water minerals and iron. Hard water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk, which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium. These minerals, with their pale color, could be what cause the white residue on your dishes. To fix this problem, consider investing in a water softener.  The system filters the hard water through, removing the heavy minerals and replacing the hard ions with softer ions.

Detergent Issues

It’s your detergent’s job to clean your dishes right? So why would it be what’s leaving them dirty?  Gel detergents are the worst type, consider switching to a pod.

Another detergent issue you could be having is that you’re using too much. When you use too much detergent, your dishwasher doesn’t have enough time in the cycle to completely rinse your dishes and your detergent leaves a residue. Only fill the detergent compartment halfway, and this should fix the problem. Remember, if you’re troubleshooting this issue and nothing seems to be working, you may have a more serious problem on your hands. If you have any concerns, give Omega Force Services a call to see if you need your dishwasher repaired.

Not Hot Enough

Another issue you could be having that’s leaving white residue on your dishes is the water temperature in your dishwasher isn’t getting hot enough. Before running the dishwasher, turn your kitchen sink on and let the water run until it’s hot. Use the “hot water start” function on your dishwasher if it has one. Hot water cleans with and rinses off detergent better, so you want your dishwasher to be using hot water for the entire cycle. If you notice the water from your sink isn’t getting very hot, you should turn up the temperature on your home water heater.


Crusty Food

When you let food dry to your dishes and don’t scrape or rinse them off, it’s too difficult for your dishwasher to clean. This is why you might be finding more than just filmy dishes, but dishes with food particles on them too. If it’s difficult for you to rinse off dried food in the sink, it’s going to be just as difficult for your dishwasher to remove and clean as well. Do yourself a favor and rinse your dishes and glasses off before any food or drink dries to them. It’ll be easier for you and your dishwasher to get your dishes clean.

Other Tips

If the above suggestions aren’t a feasible option for you, there are other things you can try to remove residue from your dishes. There are products you can mix with your detergent that cut down on film and are safe to use on your dishes. Other options, like citric acid formulas or vinegar, should be run through an empty cycle to clean and remove residue from your dishwasher itself.

If you’ve tried these fixes and your dishes still seem to be coming out filmy, or even dirty, then you could have a more serious issue like a clogged spray arm or filter. Contact Omega Force Appliance Repair in Twin Cities for all of your dishwasher repair needs.